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HVLS is High-volume low-speed fan. usually, comes in big diameters more than 2 meters and up to 14 meters. Most of HVLS fans are ceiling fans but also there’s pole mounted and wall mounted models.

The RPM (rounds per second) for HVLS fans is very low compared to normal fans. The low RPM resulting the ability to distribute a very large amount of air with low-power consumption and low noise.

*The first HVLS fan was patented by professor William Fairbank in 1990. He calls it that time (HVLD) high volume large diameter fan.*



Industrial: can HVLS Fan used in large spaces like warehouses, factories, and hangars to increase the works comfort and productivity.

Farms: reduce the heat stress for labors and livestock.

Commercial: to support existing air conditioning system efficiency in large high ceiling buildings. Increasing the air movement with better cold air distribution. Ideal for malls, mosques, office building and schools. The key success factor for HVLS is the quiet operation.

Outdoor cooling: Can be used outdoor or in open spaces to provide good air movement.

Airfoil Blades: HVLS Fans using Airfoil blades design to be able to provide much more air flow than traditional fans.

HVLS cooling benefits:

HVLS Fans provides huge air movement and this increases the human thermal comfort. especially in hot environments where the air temperature above 30 degrees Celsius, the human body can’t maintain the internal temperature without losing the heat via evaporation with help of air movement.

High-velocity air movement on the human skin will help to speed up the evaporation to reduce the body temperature.

HVLS Fans provides an acceptable level of air speed for more heat rejection. The other benefit from HVLS fans is effective air mixing. The large air volume produced by HVLS fan allow to distribute and mix cold air even in large spaces, where air devices (diffusers and grills) can’t do proper air distribution.

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